1. June - Lompoc Meet

King Midgets West Chapter Meet

Antiques by the River Bottom

5-7 June 2015

The Lompoc Valley is part of the Central California region. Rolling hills surround the Valley in the north, south, and east. The level Valley is open at its western end to the Pacific Coast Shoreline which is about 9 miles from downtown Lompoc.

This was the setting for the Annual Antiques by the River event located in Lompoc, California on 5-7 June 2015. King Midgets West Chapter members Gert Gehlhaar and Don Nichols from Lompoc did a great job organizing this event which also included King Midget enthusiasts from Lancaster, Tehachapi, and Arroyo Grande.

Friday, we had a great ride to Jalama Beach driving the King Midgets about 40 miles for Jalama Beach’s world famous hamburgers. Saturday was the big show of vintage vehicles including gas antique cars, motorcycles, tractors, one lung engines, pedal cars, and a collection of King Midget cars. Sunday, we had another 40 mile King Midget ride from Lompoc to Buellton on the backroads going to breakfast. It was an amazing weekend full of great fellowship, good food, and great conversation. We can’t wait until next year to do it again.

Enjoy the following pictures and story about the great weekend as our members discover the many secrets of the Lompoc valley!

King Midgets West Chapter members Don Nichols, Ted and Ardith Richardson, Karen and Bud Sargent, Gert Gehlhaar, Marge and Bob Vahsholtz gathered for the annual Antiques by the River event.

Can you guess what this is? It’s bigger than a bread box, yet it's micro in size. Is it a purple people eater or inch worm? The answer is at the end of this presentation.

Well Gert got a different car to drive. He is truly a connoisseur of fun cars to drive. This Volkswagen was procured through the three amigos group that seems to “trade” cars every few months. It is the cutest car you have ever seen!

In the foreground is Ted and Ardith's Model III King Midget; in the background is Gert’s Volkswagen. Look closely at the picture; doesn’t Gert’s car look like a King Midget that has been “supersized”? It’s just a fun car to drive.

Everyone met at the River Bottom around 11:00 am on Friday. It was time to unload and get ready to make the 40 mile round trip in the King Midgets. The plan was to drive the King Midgets to Jalama Beach for their “World famous hamburgers”.

We stopped just before the entrance to the Jalama Beach campground for a photo op. It was a beautiful sunny day and a great day for riding with the top down.

At the entrance to Jalama Beach, visitors were given an hour to look around and get a world famous hamburger. We can’t wait to get through the gate!

We all enjoyed the world famous burgers, they didn’t disappoint! Head them up and move them out - it’s time to head back to Lompoc. Jalama Beach is located north of Santa Barbara and south of Vandenberg AFB near Point Conception.

On Friday evening we do what we do best and that is “EAT”. Don, Ardith, Bud, Karen, Gert, Joyce, Marge, Bob and Ted all had dinner at AJ Spurs in Buellton. Mix a great steak place and good company and you can’t go wrong!

Do you suppose that a King Midget transformed into this beautiful three wheeled Cam-AM motorcycle? One thing that is fun with the King Midgets is the people that you meet along the way. There was a group of motorcycle riders in the parking lot at the hotel. They were kind enough to take Ted and Ardith’s picture atop of their bike!

Then there was the bus load of French tourists. They were fascinated by the King Midgets, wondering if they were an American Sports Car. Bob gets the prize for having the most women, Yes seven French women to be exact, in a King Midget (more or less)!

Did Bob drive the King Midget at record speed to be getting a ticket? Anyone that knows anything about King Midgets knows speeding will never be a factor while driving on the open road. The DMV security guard posed for this picture, all in good fun!

On Saturday was the Antiques by the River event. We had a great collection of King Midgets, motorcycles, and pedal cars. People are fascinated by the King Midgets, and the chapter members are kind enough to let anyone that wants to have a seat in one.

What happened to Gert’s King Midget? Well nothing, this is an electric car that he has for his grandchildren. BUT he was driving it all around the show. The tiny car fit right into the “small” theme of the day.

Bud has gone to the dogs! Bud got the prize for having the most dogs on a scooter. Bud and Karen restored this 1947 “step thru” Cushman Scooter. Their dogs loved to ride in the side car.

After the show on Saturday we all headed for Mexican food. Those attending were, Jackie, Don, Ardith, Ted, Bob, Marge, Bud, Karen, Gert, and Joyce. The discussion centered around the wonderful events of the meet so far!

After dinner we were all invited to Don and Jackie’s for dessert. And what a delicious dessert it was…carrot cake and Oreo chocolate cake! We enjoyed hearing their player piano, and enjoyed looking at all of the memorabilia in their collection. A wonderful ending to a perfect day!

The King Midget is a magnet for people asking questions who want to know all about them. The first question is … what is it, then where was it made, how fast can it go, is it street legal? And of course the most asked question is “what kind of motor is in it”. It’s definitely a conversation piece!

On Sunday morning we had a wonderful drive from Lompoc to Buellton's Split Pea Anderson restaurant for breakfast. The trip took us another 40 miles to the east through beautiful wine country. The morning was overcast at first then the sun came out to a beautiful blue sky.

Can you guess which one is Gert and which one is Bob? One thing for sure is that King Midget people “just know how to have fun”. Not sure who Bob and Gert’s “friend” is but a great time was had by all.

Is this Bob and Marge in the King Midget? Looks can be deceiving. Actually, this is an 83 year old lady who was in the parking lot asking about the King Midget and Bob took her for a short ride. She told us later that she couldn’t believe that she got in a car with a perfect stranger and went for a ride. We did vouch for Bob and told her he was an OK guy!

Did you guess right? It’s a Messerschmitt which was built by German aircraft Corporation, named in honor of the chief designer Willy Messerschmitt, and is known primarily through the participation of Messerschmitt aircraft in the Second World War. The company survived in the post-war era and was able to engage in the implementation of civil projects such as this car. Don Nichols is in the process of doing the restoration.