2. June

Antiques by the River

King Midgets West Chapter Meet

6 to 8 June 2014

The 5th Annual King Midgets West Chapter event was a great success. Gert Gehlhaar was our group leader for this event. It was an action packed weekend with King Midget rides, breakdowns, food, and perfect weather. On Friday, Lance and Cherilyn Fletcher, Ted and Ardith Richardson, Taylor and Jordyn MacCuish, Bud and Karen Sargent, Marge and Bob Vahsholtz, and Gert Gehlhaar met at the River bottom to begin the first leg of our tours. This tour would take us to Jalama Beach, about a 14 mile ride once you got off highway 1. We were on a mission to partake of their “world famous hamburgers” and they didn’t disappoint. That evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at A. J. Spurs in Buellton. By this time Randy and Linda Chesnutt had joined the group. We certainly missed Don and Jackie Nichols at this gathering.

Saturday morning, was the Antiques by the River open house where we would display our King Midgets. This show covered all types of vintage vehicles as there were 23 John Deere’s, 8 other tractors, 46 cars and trucks, and of course 8 King Midgets. A huge BBQ lunch was served with all the trimmings. Saturday evening we all gathered for some Mexican food and then back to Gert and Joyce’s home for dessert. Bob had a special surprise for Gert; he had written a poem on his behalf titled “The Legend of Lompoc” which went something like this:

Gert saves his dimes and his nickles

To buy cars when his fancy it tickles

But his dreams went astray

On that fanciful day

When he got a KM from Don Nichols

Joyce sometimes thinks Gert is drunk

Though she surely admires his spunk

He bought two more cars

Got ’em cheap at bazaars

Had one Midget and two pieces of junk

Gert’s skills are both wide and eclectic

He decided to fool every skeptic

“I’ve got batteries and wire,

And I now shall aspire

To build a King Midget Electric!”

Then that darned King Midget editor

Who really should be just a janitor

Set too long a course

The car had too little force

So he stuck in Harbor Freight Predator

Now a master of the King Midget art

Gert knows both his King Midgets by heart

One day he felt blue

So he bought an M2

Which promptly began falling apart

Fixing it was not much of a job

Gert’s heart once more started to throb

Randy said, “To have fun

You must have an M1!”

So he went and bought one from Bob

Gert’s stocker did not fill his needs

It was slow, having only two speeds

To become a high roller

Gert rodded his Kohler

And blew it right into the weeds

The machinist said, “Do not grieve,

I shall patch it back up with a sleeve!”

It lasted four hours

Let’s send Gert some flowers,

Cause he’s thinking of taking sick leave

Off his back Gert would give you his shirt

Though each of his Midgets is hurt,

He’ll fix ’em again

With his typical grin,

Let’s hear it for our buddy Gert!

Let's go on a picture tour of the event . . . .

This is how a typical King Midget meet usually gets started. There

is always something to repair on a King Midget. This theme will be

carried out throughout the weekend.

We all met at the River Bottom near Gert’s garage. He then led the

way to Jalama Beach, a 14 mile drive once you leave the highway from


At the entrance to Jalama Beach we stopped for a beautiful view

of the Pacific Ocean.

Bob, Marge, Ardith, Ted, Karen, Bud, and Gert at Jalama Beach

getting ready to down one of their “world famous hamburgers”.

Bob for some reason is “protecting” his Model III

King Midget?

Ted in his 1960 model III King Midget returning from

a rogue run around the campground!

Sitting in front of the Jalama Beach “world famous hamburger” joint is

Lance and Cherilyn’s beautiful Barracuda.

Ted took this picture on his “rogue” ride through the beach site. It was

a beautiful day and of course, a breeze. This area is the wind surfing capitol

of the world … goes along with the world famous hamburgers.

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Antique River bottom open house.

There were cars, tractors, trucks and of course, King Midgets.

King Midget display in front of Gert’s garage.

Ladies enjoying the shade of Gert’s garage!

More King Midgets on display.

And then there were two King Midgets … by the time that Sunday rolled

around Ted and Ardith’s KM and Bud and Karen’s KM had problems and

were not able to make the Sunday ride.

Sunday morning found us, where else, but having breakfast

at the Texas Cattle Company before starting our ride out to

Miguelito Canyon to see if we could find a view of the ocean.

Here we are along side of the road with, yes, another

breakdown. This time it was Gert’s gas tank that was loose. Gert

and Bud could smell gas so they stopped.

But never fear, Gert was on the “loose gas tank issue”. He

used a trusty rope from "Marge's Tool Kit," just like in the olden days, to get the King

Midget back on the road.

One last group picture before everyone headed for home.

What a wonderful time that was had by all in attendance. Thanks

to Gert and Joyce for everything.