3. Sept

King Midget West Fall Meet

12, 13, 14 September 2014

Tehachapi, California

At last year’s fall meet in Arroyo Grande, CA, new King Midget owners Bud and Karen Sargent volunteered to host the 2014 meet in Tehachapi, CA. Following are some pictures of the three day event full of special surprises, which included being the feature vehicles for a large annual car show. We were also given a special showing of several different collections, a huge model train and toy collection, a warehouse full of model trains for use inside and out, and three collections of classic cars. Sit back and relax and we hope you enjoy this slide show as much as we enjoyed our weekend.

On Friday the King Midget group started gathering and were getting ready for a ride to lunch. In all there were 8 King Midgets and 13 members of King Midget West Chapter.

We gathered for lunch at Kelly’s café on the west side of Tehachapi. Soon we got a call from Don and Jackie that they had arrived in town and would meet us there. Jim and Laura also came about a half hour later.

Don hauled Bob and Marge’s two King Midgets to Tehachapi. Now came the fun part of unloading the Model 2 from the truck. Don had it all figured out. He'd done it before with a pair of Model 3s.

You can see the piece of plywood coming from the truck bed to the top of the trailer rail, plus two ramps to the trailer bed. An engineering marvel for sure!

Bob climbed in the King Midget and proceeded to drive it from the truck to the plywood; then on to the trailer and then on to the road.

Oops! The best laid plans of mice and men! It was determined that when they loaded the King Midget, Bob was not in the vehicle. So he got out and it cleared the board. That worked fine and soon both King Midgets were on the road.

First stop on the afternoon tour was a car and toy collection at the home of Bill and Anna DeGraff. Pictured are six King Midgets that made the ride.

There was a beautiful restored mail truck, and what an outstanding restoration it was. Something you don’t see every day.

This outstanding train layout and toy collection was the hit of the day. The entire King Midget group enjoyed the afternoon and reminisced about days gone by when they had been given toys like this for Christmas. Well OK--no one had a setup as neat as Bill's!

On Saturday everyone was ready to head for the car show. Pictured are Gert, Ted, Bud, Karen, Jim, Laura, Lance, Cherilyn, Bob, Marge, Don, and Jackie. Gert, of course, is photographing the photographer.

We were the featured cars for the T-Town Rumble Car Show. There were eight King Midgets. Gert is shown with his Model 1 placing it in position. This car, like all King Midgets, drives the right rear wheel. Reverse? Gert reaches out with his left hand and turns the left rear wheel. On this slight upslope, he needed a bit of help.

Bob and Marge set up a table with patches and books for sale. This is a display showing what the King Midgets looked like coming in the mail from the factory. It was a wooden box with the King Midget inside of it. The model is made by KMW member Jerry Galland.

A group shot at the T-Town Rumble Car Show. We talked to many people wondering what these cars are, what size engine, where were they made. They truly are a fascination for the kids! They love these little cars, probably because they are just their size!

King Midget owners have other favorite cars. Shown is Bud’s Hot Rod. His car won the “People’s Choice Award”.

Congratulations to Bud!

Mia is the daughter of Craig Bauer, the car show organizer. She fell in love with Gert’s car. She loved the color and the size. She presented Gert a “Princess Plaque”, designating his car the winner.

Well-deserved Gert!

The next tour was to John and Linda Stivers' “car barn”. One nice thing about King Midget gatherings is to just sit and enjoy each other’s company!

The next stop was dinner. Eating is a favorite thing that we do often. A great ending to a fun filled day. After a group discussion, we decided to explore the feasibility of having next fall’s meet around Morro Bay or Cambria, CA.

On the final day of the fall meet we drove the King Midgets to Denny’s for what else, but breakfast! It was a beautiful day to just cruise around in those little cars!

We drove the King Midgets to the Gold Coast Station Train Store. What a treat that was, if you need an indoor/outdoor train set this is the place to go. The set ups were very impressive, and Hans' inventory endless. Hans knows where every item is! Rachel? She thinks a computerized list might be handy sometimes!

In the collection of Hans' cars Marge is standing behind a Henry J and here is the story according to Bob. “When we wed, I had the opportunity to buy a new (two year old but never titled) base model Henry J for $800, and announced that good news to my bride to be. That’s the first time she ever put her foot down. No Henry J. I bought a 1950 Plymouth coupe instead.”

Remember the unloading of Bob’s King Midgets on Don’s truck? Well the reloading didn’t go smooth either! Bob made it up the ramps just as one ramp fell down, but he was far enough up on the truck it didn’t matter. However there was one slight problem, he'd intended to back it on to the truck, so the wind would not "balloon" the top. Time to regroup!

This time it was pushed up the trailer and truck instead of driven.

One thing for sure; King Midget owners are innovative and perhaps enjoy the little cars cause there is always something to “fix or tinker” with on them. Another thing for sure is, they have a great time.

Thanks to Bud and Karen for a great weekend, and to those excellent hosts who opened their homes, shops and the car show for us. We all enjoyed the special tours, good company, great rides, plenty of food, and fun. We're looking forward to our meets next year, first at the Lompoc River Bottom display next June and the Cambria coast in September!

Stay tuned to this site for details.