2. Downtown Tuesdays


Chris Trautwein, host of our upcoming Sacramento Meet, Fall ’17, has been tuning up the Green Mile in anticipation of leading our King Midgets around the capital city. Green Mile? That’s one of Lance Fletcher’s cars that Chris has been working on. In addition to test drives, he participated in the Downtown Tuesdays car show and as you can imagine, the King Midget was the hit. For sure; young boys and girls love King Midgets! Just look at the faces of the kids pictured below. Chris took photos until his finger wore out from snapping shots. Here are a few:

A few of us—OK; most of us—are the aging kids who got hooked on King Midgets in the good old days when fledgling car guys pored over the ads and articles in Popular Science and such magazines we found in barber shops or daddy's collection.

So ... what about the next generation? How do we tear their attention away from smart phones and computer games?

Unlike so many car collectors, we King Midget fans rarely have signs shouting "HANDS OFF". We tend to encourage kids and oldsters to climb aboard—honk the horn; dream of one day driving such a car of their very own.

Some will. The future of King Midgets depends on it.