North West Meet

King Midgets North West Meet

7 March 2015

Seattle, WA

King Midgets West has members more than a thousand miles from our California base, and that’s a long haul. Yet those guys want to stay in touch and once in a while manage to drop in on one of our meets. Jerry Galland, for example, is planning to join us for our upcoming Lompoc meet.

This map shows the relative density of King Midgets. Darker shades represent more KMs, and Ohio, shown in black, accounts for about half of all known King Midgets. The dots are some of the Jams, and you can see why most are held in or near Ohio. Note that California and Washington have similar KM densities. Combine Washington and Oregon and you get about as many KMs as there are in California.

So … a chapter in the Northwest makes sense, and now there is one!

Charter Members of the new King Midgets North West Chapter gather ’round Jerry Galland’s ’69 M3, with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Lorin Brown, Don Ennis, Jerry Galland, Bob Vahsholtz and Lance Lambert hanging out in Lance’s garage.

Steve Walker drove in with this Alpha sprint car, but did not fool anyone into thinking it was a KM Model 1. Yes, that’s a side car, and perhaps a tidy solution to the Model 1’s lack of passenger capacity? The single drive wheel and brake would be nicely centered!

Lance’s garage proved an interesting place to meet. Here are Charter Members Lance Lambert, foreground; Don Ennis, right; Lonny Kirschbaum, right and in the background, Mr. Claus aka Jerry Galland (he’s the guy who makes the neat wooden KM models).

Want to join? Contact Lance at He’s not in charge, but like us, nobody is. For the moment, Lance is sorting things out. Join in 2015 and you’re a Charter Member. As with KMW, you need not have a King Midget; just an interest, and can be located anywhere. KMNW plans to stay in touch mainly via Facebook.