The Sad Story of Bob & His Cups

When Bob heard that KMW member Jim Harris was offering custom printed coffee mugs for just $20 each and the grandkids were coming up for Spring Break, he set his Model 3 in front of the bushes. Amy and Eric were asked to assume the driving position and photos were taken—one of Grandpa Bob for good measure. These were sent to Jim with a check for $60 and even though delivery is included (such a deal!) it was agreed that Randy would bring the cups to Paso Robles for the May show.

The cups look terrific! Christmas gifts for the kids! One was displayed on top of Bud’s King Midget despite Marge’s concern it might get stolen or broken. No problems. Great show!

When it came time to head for home, they agreed Marge would carefully pack the cups in Bob’s shirt-jacket, so they’d be safe for the ride.

At home Bob, dreaming as usual, grabbed his shirt from the trunk, forgetting the cups. One cup—Bob’s cup—hit the garage floor and shattered. AAARGH!

These are the times that try men’s souls. Ol’ Bob has his personal coffee cup; the last of a set purchased five decades ago. It’s chipped and cracked but has survived many moves and a couple of earthquakes. Lord help anyone who breaks Bob’s cup. This was to be Bob’s new cup, and now he busted it himself!

Fortunately, one big piece survived, shown here, along with the IKMMC logo printed on the back of all the cups at Jim’s suggestion. The broken cup remains on display on the top of Bob’s computer as a grim reminder to take care of his cups! Look carefully; it’s even in the photo at the top. A replacement has been ordered and Ted will deliver it to Lompoc for Antiques by the River.