1. Part Sources

We encourage sharing the names of business that helped us with our King Midgets.

Let Randy or Bob know so we can post it here on the chapter website.

Need your starter/generator repaired? Many shops can’t handle the task. Jim Harris got his rebuilt at the following shop and is pleased with the result: National Alternator & Starter, Quartz Hill, CA 93534. 661-945-1818

Bob and Gert have tonneau covers for their M3s, and have gotten lots of compliments. If you’d like one, they need to be tailor made, and can be done at Belluz Upholstery, 119 N. A Street, Lompoc, CA 805-736-6658. Joe Belluz is a good guy, has lots of material in stock and knows how to fit your cover neat, and tight enough stay that way. Yet you can easily get at your storage by way of three twist fasteners.

Relining King Midget brakes is difficult because the mild steel drums make it important to use soft linings. Gert and Bob have found a good source. Coast Clutch and Brake, 708 W. Betteravia Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455 805-925-0946 They have the right material and can bond, rivet or both, for M2 and M3. Gert's M2 had the linings shown left. Bummer. The lining should go all the way to the bottom. Bob's M2 had similar linings that didn't go all the way to the top. Even worse! Correct M2 linings go all the way, and Coast Clutch and Brake figured out how to do it. They can turn drums for M3s, but M2 drums are too small for their lathe.

Here is some information about getting our favorite King Midget tires, Carlisle USA Trail, 570x8, 4 ply. They can be ordered direct from Walmart per internet and they will be delivered free to your Walmart that has a Tire & Lube Express facility like the one in Santa Maria on Betteravia. Ours in Lompoc does not have this type of facility.

Here is what I did to get them in only three days:

1. Thu 13 Nov - Ordered per internet in the morning

2. Fri 14 Nov - Received e-mail they are ready for pickup at Walmart Tire and Lube Facility

3. Sat 15 Nov - I went to pick them up (they did have a little trouble finding

them but I got them)

Here is what you do:

1. Go to Google and do a Search

2. Type in “Carlisle USA Trail 570x8 Boat trailer Tire”

3. Click on “Walmart.com”

4. Click on "Carlisle USA Trail 570x8/4 Boat Trailer Tire”

5. Click on Size

6. Click on Quantity

7. Check out and fill in how you want to pay

That’s it and you will get your tires in 3 days. The Cost is $47.85 per tire and $3.95 tax for a total for 2 tires it was $103.60. Shipping is free to the store, but you have to pick them up.

It worked for me - Gert

Hello all King Midget owners. I just received my King Midget custom car cover made by California Car Cover in Chatsworth, CA

I had been looking for a cover other than just a tarp for some time when I came across this company. My cover is sized to fit a Model III with the top up and in place.

The cover can be made in a number of colors and different material. The price and warranty depend on what you choose. The fit and quality are very good. See attached pictures.

Anyway If your interested give them a call at 1 (818) 998-2100 or 1 (800) 423-5525 or give me a call.


My KM with the top up . . . .

and with the top down.