4. Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Installation

by Gert

Note from Bob: The following message is from Gert who has two Model 3’s, one with a “Chonda” engine (14 hp Harbor Freight Predator; a Chinese knockoff of a Honda design). That engine comes with a one gallon tank—pretty small for cruising. Gert installed a second tank of the same size, and if you look back at ourJune 14 meet, he had problems with that auxiliary tank coming loose. He asked me to advertise for a standard three gallon KM tank, but before I got the ad out, Ted and Randy fixed him up with the one that came with Randy’s M2 (those guys built their own tanks—you should see ‘em!)

Hi to all my KM Friends,

This past week I have been working on my ‘58 King Midget. Thanks to Randy and Ted, I now have a very nice three gallon gas tank installed. It was a tight fit but it is in and I didn’t have to mess with the gas line because the line used on the previous auxiliary tank fit perfectly.

Today I did the final assembly and checked every nut and bold to make sure that it would stay in the car. Then I filled both tanks and did a test drive. Everything looks good and seemed to work well--gas flowed from both tanks and the original on/off switch seems to work also.

I also improved the sound of the exhaust system and now we are ready to roar!


PS from Bob: Now Gert has offered me his spare one-gallon tank for my Chonda powered M2, and I’m gonna take him up on it! Beats the little pint plastic jug of gas I carry for spare, and there’s no room in my car for a big tank.