4. White Wall Tires & Hub Caps

Adding Porta White Walls


Hub Caps to your KM

by Gert

The following is an email I received from a KMW Club member:

Hi Randy,

I have some information on how to get the Porta White Walls for our little 8” wheels and where to get the nice hubcaps that fit the 8” wheels we use. This might be some information you can add to our KM website.

A. These 750x8” Portawalls are available at Luca Classic Tires.

1. Go to Google

2. Type in “Portawalls

3. Click on “Lucas Classic Tires”

4. Click on “Portawalls”

5. Click on 8”x 1 1/16”

6. They come in a set of four for $47.95

B. The hubcaps are available from “ Buggies Unlimited.com”

1. Go to Google

2. Type in 8” wheel covers

3. Click on “Buggies Unlimited”

4. Click on 8” Wheel Cover

5. Pick the style you want

6. The cost of these are from $12 to $16 per cap

Note: You need to pick a cap that has a solid center because you need to cut a hole into the center so that the bearing cap can go thru.

I have attached some pictures of the 1958 King Midget M3 and the 1967 King Midget M3 with the whitewalls and showing two different styles of hubcaps.