7. Porta-Wall Cleanup


By Gert U. Gehlhaar

I have found that after several months the normal cleaning of the white porta–walls on my King Midget get tarnished and the normal white-wall cleaner will not clean them to show condition. So here is a little article on what I have found that works well in getting the white porta-walls perfectly clean. The first section shows a white porta-wall being cleaned when it is completely of the car/wheel.

These are the materials needed to perform the super cleaning that makes the white porta-walls to show condition. One spray bottle of AWESOME cleaner, one spray bottle of water, a fiber cloth, green scrub cloth, a role of blue painters tape and a spray can of Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Coating, HVP105 Gloss White.

The dirty white porta-wall is shown on left while the one in process of cleaning it is on the right.

Left pictures is as clean as one can get it with the standard whitewall cleaner, Awesome and fiber cloths.

The right picture shows the white porta–wall ready for getting painted with the Vinyl & Fabric White Coating.

Left shows a finished porta-wall and on the right you will see a comparison between a dirty one and a clean one. These newly painted porta-walls will now only need to be cleaned with soap and water. It is very important that you only use the Vinyl & Fabric Gloss White Coating because it dries pliable and will conform to the rubber and not crack.



The left picture shows some masked that I made out of heavy paper that will fit behind the porta-wall so that the tires do not get painted. Just look at that dirty porta-wall on the right.

Left picture show the masking being put behind the porta-wall and the right picture shows it just about ready for the painting. We just need to cover the hubcap next.

The left picture shows the hub cap protected and the porta-wall ready for painting. The right picture shows the porta-wall painted and ready for the show.

Here is a comparison from a cleaned whitewall to the repainted one that is now very white and ready for the show.