Hank's Journey

Hank Intro 1.2

Two West Coast Chapter members Chris Trautwein and Lance Fletcher arrive in Borrego Springs, CA. to meet with Henry, Hilary, Laurel, talk shop, look at his other cars and pick up Hank to start his journey.

Many craftsmen worked on Hank and left their own signature details. For example the nerf bar with the letter "H" for Hunte, IH hub caps individually crafted to fit each wheel, and the signature side pipe. The pipe was actually functional until the installation of the new motor, so for the safety of his grandchildren it was abandoned. The pull start and choke were also no longer needed however they remain as aethstetic reminders.

The first visit Hank made was to a reoccuring Friday night car event in historic downtown Garden Grove, Ca. A lot of interest and of course future chapter members sizing it up.

Next stop the world famous Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach, Ca This event happens every Saturday rain or shine and draws real car enthusiasts. Chris did his best telling the story of the King Midget.

Day off for Hank, today he went to the Huntington Beach Pier with Chris.

Fun day for all 28 people who attend the King Midgets West mini meet in Palmdale, CA. Meeting Hank was a real treat. To read more about Hank and the KMW mini meet click on the yellow button.

Hank out of his traveling garage and just chilling with his cousin the "Green Mile" and "The Chief".

Play date with "Blue Bell" and "The Joker" (KM West Chapter logo) at member Lance Fletcher's home. This other little fella's name is Brad and he is quite possibly the youngest person ever to sit in a model 1, 2 and 3 in the same day. He even got a ride around the neighborhood in Blue Bell. We'll have a car for you when you're ready Brad.

Ever see those licence plate frames that say, my other car is......


Hank visits the Queen Mary Long Beach, Ca.

Before Chris and Hank head to Ohio Hank will be a visitor at Linda Chesnutt's ranch. So there was a ceremonial transfer of keys.

Love My Ride Car & Bike Show was presented by the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station. This community event was Sunday, June 6th, 2021 10:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

There was exciting activities for the family and a safe environment for kids. An excellent event for Hank to attend. This event will benefit the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Youth Activities League (YAL) and the Palmdale Sheriff’s Boosters.

Hank spend the day in Fountain Valley Calif. and greatly enjoyed the fun of kids and adults.


"A rare opportunity for West Coasters to see all 3 models together."

Hank is loaded into Chris's trailer and will soon start his journey to Ohio.

Chris and Brandee Sue (local ranch wrangler) and Hank.

Hank's last drive at Linda's ranch before being loaded into Chris's trailer.

Hank is loaded in Chris's trailer and ready for his next adventure.

Hank has left Southern California and is enroute to Ohio.

Matteo, Carver, Selah and Naomi each got to drive or ride in Hank. Matteo being the oldest (and the one who could reach the pedals) was the designated driver for his sister's. Matteo was driving like an expert and even giving instructions while doing so. Because they are the last children to drive Hank, they will receive a King a Midget West Chapter patch and are to be considered new club members. Matteo has already inquired about a car.

Hank stopped in Golden CO

Hank shared a super good time with the kids in Golden CO. A huge local monthly cruise/car show spans about a mile.

Beach chairs sit along the side of the road to watch the cruisers and every business parking lot was full of cars. Too bad Hank wasn't street legal we could have cruised as well.

No pictures of kids but a story worth telling. Hank visited a couple of pre schools in Crested Butte, Co before leaving Gunnison. Stepping Stones (where Chris' daughter Audrey works) and Paradise which was a target of opportunity as they were in the parking lot riding bikes when Hank was being put away.

Stepping Stones kids up to 2 years old and Paradise around 3- 5. Privacy rules prevent pictures of the kids but wanted to share that around 15 kids in total sat in Hank and had a great time. Although they maybe too young to understand the story or appreciate what's happening they were all smiles so I say mission accomplished.

Hank has arrived in Bowling Green, OH for the 75th King Midget Jamboree

Lee Seats, the President of the International King Midget Car Club and Chris Trautwein.

Mike Aspacher, Mayor of Bowling Green, OH and Chris Trautwein.

Hank and Chris were well received by so many people. Everyone enjoyed hearing of Hank's history and the California to Ohio journey.

Everyone wanted to see Hank. It even rained for about an hour one afternoon.

15 August 2021

It's Sunday morning and the time has come to travel to Athens, OH where Hank will join other King Midgets that are on public display.

1002 E State St. Athens, OH is Hank's new home.

The time to unload Hank has come.

Pushing Hank is necessary since fuel and the battery have been removed.

Holding the doors open and with a . . .

. . . push Hank goes into the display area.

Mission Accomplished

Hank has a new home and all of us were happy to help make it happen. Our thanks to the Hunte family for their donation and to Chris Trautwein who made it his mission to get Hank to his new home.