Chris's Other Car

OK, let's face it. Bumper stickers a SO thing-of-the-past. Yet in the case of King Midgets a case can be made.

The King Midgets West chapter of the King Midget Club has brought together many friends, active in the Club and its Western Chapter. One, Chris, a professional Army Officer, was "loaned" an old Model 3 by another friend. A car guy, Chris' pride and joy is a Cobra he beautifully built to the last nut and bolt from a kit. He banged that old "free" King Midget together and had it painted "Grabber Green'' so he calls it "The Green Mile". He has joined the chapter for many events and he and his wife even hosted one meet in downtown Sacramento. Chris caught a serious dose of King Midget Fever. He's recently retired after 38 years restoring a 1958 Model 3 and recently acquired a Model 2 to restore.

Last fall a fellow from San Diego donated the Hunte family's Model 1 to the King Midget Club. Purchased in 1948 for about $140 as a kit, the gent assembled the car for his son "Hank". The little car has been in the family ever since, until Hank donated it last fall. It will become the oldest King Midget in our collection of eight KMs on permanent display in Athens, Ohio where all were built. Our chapter, King Midgets West, was asked if we could get the car to Athens. Chris volunteered. He's making a summer challenge of it. He picked the car up a week or two ago and has already shown it in several car events. He'll continue his trip and make many stops along the way, including the Annual King Midget Jamboree, finally arriving in Athens in mid-August.

Chris is a retired CW5 and a UH-60 Blackhawk flight instructor so yesterday he sent the following photo, with the caption: